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For General Blood Flow and Neuropathy

NitrOxide™ contains key nutrients, coupled with nitric oxide precursor technology, to help maintain proper blood circulation to the internal organs and extremities in those with diabetes. NitrOxide™ is an effective choice for daily nutrition and relief of leg numbness and pain.

For Healing Infections, Wounds and Fractures

NitrOxide™ provides the nutritional support needed for rapid recovery of deep tissue (muscles, tendons, and ligaments) and bone injuries. Its non-prescription formula provides highly effective anti-infection and anti-bacterial properties, increases circulation, and supports the production of collagen proteins. Encourage bone and wound repair with NitrOxide™. The NitrOxide™ formula speeds the healing of open sores in the diabetic foot as well.

For Pre-Workout, Performance, and Exercise Recovery

NitrOxide™ is beneficial for pre-workout, performance, and exercise recovery, because of its proven effects on improving blood circulation. As you exercise, you can become very fatigued due to oxygen depletion. If you can get more blood flow and oxygen to the tissues, you will dramatically reduce this issue. NitrOxide™ can also enhance performance, as it enables you to better maintain your core temperature during exercise. Ni-trOxide™ aids in exercise recovery by enhancing circulation, thereby bringing nutrients to the muscle tissues after a workout.   Instructions Take 3 capsules twice per day on an empty stomach for the first 1 – 4 weeks (or until symptoms alleviate), then take 3 capsules once per day as maintenance thereafter. (30 Capsules per container)